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Babar azam vs virat Kohli

Babar azam vs virat Kohli complete comparison who is better cricketer over all

Published on 15-04-2023

Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are two of the best cricketers in the world today. They both have a tremendous impact on their team's performance and have set numerous records. It is difficult to compare two players who play in different teams and under different conditions. However, here is a breakdown of their overall performances to help us determine who is the better cricketer.Batting:When it comes to batting, both players are exceptional. Kohli has scored 12,169 runs in 254 innings at an average of 59.07. He has 43 centuries and 62 half-centuries to his name. Babar Azam, on the other hand, has scored 3,983 runs in 82 innings at an average of 50.41. He has 16 centuries and 17 half-centuries to his name.Kohli has scored more runs, centuries and has a better batting average than Babar. However, it is important to note that Babar has played fewer matches and is still relatively new to international cricket. If he continues to perform consistently, he could potentially surpass Kohli's numbers.Fielding:Both players are excellent fielders and have contributed to their teams' success with their fielding skills. Kohli has taken 254 catches and has 14 run-outs to his name in international cricket. Babar, on the other hand, has taken 46 catches and has 8 run-outs to his name.Kohli has taken more catches and has more run-outs than Babar, which makes him a better fielder.Leadership:Kohli has been the captain of the Indian cricket team since 2017 and has led them to numerous victories. He has a win percentage of 60.31 in Test matches and 74.29 in ODIs as a captain. Babar Azam has been the captain of the Pakistan cricket team since 2020 and has a win percentage of 40 in Test matches and 63.63 in ODIs as a captain.Kohli has been a captain for a longer period and has a better win percentage than Babar. However, Babar is still relatively new to captaincy and could potentially improve his win percentage in the future.Overall, both players are exceptional cricketers and have contributed greatly to their teams. Kohli has been playing international cricket for a longer period and has achieved more than Babar in terms of runs scored and captaincy. However, Babar has the potential to surpass Kohli's numbers in the future if he continues to perform consistently. Ultimately, it is up to personal preference to decide who is the better cricketer.